How To Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading

Windshield cracks can create huge issues even if they are very small on the passenger side. Many of us end up ignoring such windshield problems because most of the time it’s just a little crack and we are able to see just fine. When windshields are cracked they not only limit the car’s aesthetic, but also reduces the visibility on the road when you are driving. These cracks can cause unpredictable damage if they are not taken into care right away. In this article, will explore a few tips on how to stop a windshield crack from spreading.

8 Tips To Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading

Use a Windshield Repair Kit

The windshield repair kits are easy to use, even if you have never experienced a crack before. You can purchase these kits to get your windshield fixed by yourself if the crack is minor. But for this, you need to make a small hole on the top layer of your glass. Then, insert the repair resin inside the chip and the hole you created. This will prevent the crack from spreading any further but you should still keep an eye on the cracked area.

Fix Temporarily With Nail Polish Or Super Glue

You can use a clear nail polish or a super glue until you get windscreen repair service from an auto shop. These DIY products can only stop a small crack from spreading for a little while.

  • Clear Nail Polish: You need to clean away dirt or dust that may have gotten into the crack. Next step would be applying a good amount of clear nail polish on both sides of the windshield. Let it dry completely.
  • Super Glue: Super Glue works the same way as a clear nail polish. You need to gently apply an even layer of it on the crack. Give it some time to dry completely before using your car. 

Please keep in mind that these hacks will work only for a small time. You need to book a professional appointment to get the crack fixed permanently.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

The windshield glass can contract or expand depending on the temperature. An existing windshield crack can easily spread more when temperature fluctuations happen. Avoid exposing your car to freezing temperatures and try to keep your windshield out of direct sunlight. Because this may cause your windshield crack to spread rapidly. 

Tape The Crack

Another temporary fixture is tapping your windshield crack. Moisture and dirt are two biggest dangers to the structural integrity of a cracked windshield. These two are also the common elements to which the windshield is exposed. Covering the windshield with a clear tape will add a protective barrier and make sure that it is not exposed to moisture or dirt for some time. You can also use duct tape if it does not affect your vision of the road.

Park Your Car In A Shaded Parking Spot

Temperature plays a biggest role in the spreading of a crack. The windscreen gets very sensitive to the temperature changes. If you park your car under direct sunlight, there is a high chance your windscreen crack will widen up. Something might hit your car like hail or falling branches if it’s in direct sunlight which will end up increasing the size of the crack. Please make sure to always park your car in a shaded parking spot or leave it in your garage until you get the crack repaired.

Drive Your Vehicle Cautiously 

Vibrations produced while driving your car over speed bumps quickly, moving around corners too fast, and slamming doors can cause the windshield crack to grow. Please try to be as gentle as possible with your car to stop the damage from increasing any further until you get the windshield professionally repaired.

Hire Trained Professionals

It is always encouraged to take action to get your windscreen fixed sooner than later to stop a windshield crack from spreading. You can hire a professional who will handle the replacement or repairing job depending on the size of the crack. The high-trained technicians will give you the best results after fixing your windscreen. It might take a few days for repair but your windshield will be as new.

Contact A Mobile Auto Glass Repair Specialist

If you get your windshield damaged while traveling, you can easily find a mobile auto glass repair specialist. They offer same day services to fix the crack. A windshield repair technician will be able to fix a minor crack in a few minutes and you can get your car back on the road safely.


To conclude, driving a car with a cracked windscreen can be a distraction and weakens the car’s structural integrity. We have learned about a few temporary and permanent ways through which we know how to stop a windshield crack from spreading and fix it as soon as possible for a safe drive.

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