How Much Time Does a Windshield Repair or Replacement Take?

Many people postpone the repairing and replacement of a windshield as long as they can because they think it requires a long time. Not replacing your windshield can be costly if the state law prohibits driving with a cracked windshield. In this article, we will look at how much time does a windshield repair or replacement take, the process of replacing it, and the factors that windshield replacement depends on.

Time Required For Replacing or Repairing A Windshield

If you get your windshield repaired by a good company, the work can be done between 30 and 60 minutes. The repair doesn’t take much time but you are recommended to not drive your car for at least another hour after the windshield has been replaced. So roughly it would take approximately 2 hours for the whole process.

If the passenger side of your car has airbags, then additional time would be required. The adhesive needs to be stronger and take some time to cure. You should find a certified or trained technician to meet the law and safety standards. You should also get a written warranty for record purposes that you have repaired your windshield. 

The technician will go over how much time the work process would take. They will also let you know about the adhesives and type of glass they will use to repair your windshield.

Factors Affecting The Time Taken To Repair A Windshield 


One of the most important factors to affect the time of windshield repair process is temperature. It will take longer for your windshields to be repaired if the temperature is cold. If the air is humid, it will lessen the time required for glue to harden and secure your new windshield. Make sure to discuss with a certified professional first about when it would be the best time to repair your car’s windshield.

Type Of Adhesive

The type of adhesives being used have a huge impact on the time needed to replace the windshield before your car is safe to drive. Generally, urethane adhesives for windshields are the most sturdy one. They also have the quickest curing time that allows you to get back on the road in a short time.

Make And Model Of Your Car

Another important factor that determines the amount of time required for physically replacing your windshield is the make and model of your car. A new car model will have various sensors and wires attracted to the windshields like spacing sensors, temperature monitors, etc. 

The technician will have to safely remove these sensors first, and when the windshield is replaced, attach them back safely so they work properly. Moreover, every model of car has different configuration regarding the disassembling of things like the windshield wiper blades may impact the time your technician would need to repair the windshield.

The Presence Of Side Airbags

The replacement or repairing of your cracked windshield may take longer if your car has passenger side airbags. A stronger adhesive is needed in such cases and the process may be prolonged.

The Process of Windshield Replacement

Prep The Windshield For Removal

Anything attached to the glass or around it needs to be removed, including the windshield wipers and the rearview mirrors. The technician will cut the urethane seal around the cracked windshield to remove it completely.

Clean The Area Around The Entire Windshield

Once the windshield has been taken out, remaining adhesives that were holding the glass need to be cleaned and a urethane primer is applied. It will give a clean surface which ensures that the new windshield will be properly bonded to the vehicle. A fresh urethane adhesive will be applied to the perimeter of the glass to install the new windshield. 

Ensure The Windshield Is Properly Installed

It will take one or two hours for urethane to create a permanent bond so your car can be safe to drive. The other sensors that are removed before are put back onto the vehicle and the rubber gasket is replaced.

Final Words

In this article, we have learned about how much time does a windshield repair or replacement take, its process and the factors it depends on. It is quite important to change the cracked windshield within the due time for a proper and safe drive without facing any issues.

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