We Provide Premium Car Detailing Dubai Service

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We Provide Premium Car Detailing Dubai Service

Best car detailing Dubai
About Us

Enjoy The Ultimate Car Detailing in Dubai With Us

Our exterior and interior car detailing Dubai services will give your vehicles a refreshingly new look. Our technicians are highly experienced and they are capable of providing you with amazing car reviving services from car carpet cleaning to refreshing the exteriors of your vehicle.

Tailored Interior Detailing

Transform your car into an oasis of cleanliness with our premium and customized interior detailing services.

Quick & Efficient

Get the best and most efficient car detailing services in Dubai swiftly by hiring our professional and trained workers.

How we work

Steps To Hire Us For The Best Car Detailing Dubai

Get Estimation

Tell us about all your needs and get an estimation quote.

Book The Service

Schedule an appointment with our expert team according to availability.

Get Served

Experience the best services according to your booking on the promised day.

Budget-friendly Price

Are You Searching for Affordable Car Detailing Near Me?

We offer the best car detailing Dubai services at pocket-friendly rates. Whether you need exterior cleaning or interior detailing services, Car Recovery Service will provide the best services at the lowest possible rates.



Expert Technicians
We employ only certified detailing professionals to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.


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We Provide Deep Car Cleaning Services in Dubai

Inside beauty is much more important than outside beauty for one’s health and hygiene. Because of minor details and complex designs, interior car detailing is more time-consuming. Cleaning a dirty car cabin requires a really professional approach followed by cutting-edge techniques and technology. In our garage, we will find both of them

Have a look at some of our car detailing methods in Dubai.

Before cleaning your car, we vacuum its seats, headliners, trunk, and shelves. Our experts clean the mats and vacuum them separately. We use powerful air compressors for this purpose so that all dirt and dust can be removed more efficiently and quickly.

Steaming and Brushing
By choosing our deep car cleaning service in Dubai, you can get the side door pads, mats, and roof of your car cleaned. As these components are made from fiber material, we prefer using steam cleaners for a more effective result.

Showroom Service
Besides the interior cleaning, we also offer showroom service, in which our experts deeply clean all the interior car parts after disassembling them and also give your car’s exterior a completely fresh look.

Premier Plus Services

Looking For Expert Car Interior Wash Services?

Vehicle dashboard waxing and interior auto detailing are important because they are the first things people notice when they sit in any vehicle. Our premier auto interior cleaning service can keep the interior of your car clean to ensure optimal comfort for the driver and passengers.

Dubai car owners count on Car Recovery Service to get top-of-the-line car interior cleaning services. As a company, our mission is to assist vehicle owners in keeping their vehicles in good condition from inside to outside. So, for a refreshing look and increased car value, hire our top-notch car interior detailing service in Dubai.

best Car Detailing
Car Detailing

Packages We Offer For Car Detailing in Dubai

Being one of the best car detailing companies in Dubai, we provide our clients with a variety of packages and services. The hot packages that you can get at our car auto garage, are mentioned below. Let’s have a look at them and select the best one for you.

The Standard Package:

In this cleaning package, we ensure the proper removal of stains and grime from the interior of your car. We take the seats out and completely wash and clean the whole interior including the dashboard, carpets, mats, roof, consoles, side door pads, etc.

The Mid-ranged Package:
This package includes the cleaning of the entire interior of your vehicle and proper washing of the engine room of your car as well. You can also get the exterior of your car washed in this package.

The Premium Package:
Premium customers can get our premium car detailing in Dubai at reasonable rates. This package includes the thorough washing and cleaning of seat belts, consoles, dashboards, roofs, mats, carpets, etc. All this cleaning is done after removing the seats.

Get Quality Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating Car Detailing

We provide the paint protection film for your car to keep it in its proper shine. With this comprehensive all-surface protection service, the paintwork is restored to its defect-free state, optimum gloss levels are maximized, and new long-term protective surfaces are introduced to the exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

A glass-like film provides superior stain and abrasion resistance followed by gloss and color protection for exposed or fragile exterior surfaces. Our ceramic coating gives your car a glossy finish that you can see from a distance.

With ceramic coating, you protect your car’s factory paint and give it a long-lasting shine and deep gloss – precisely as it rolls off the showroom floor.

Prefer Us

What Makes Us The Best Car Detailing Service Provider In Dubai ?

There is no better place to detail your car than us. Get the finest car detailing Dubai from our experts at low rates. You will find us as the best provider for the package that best suits your needs, whether you need exterior washing or interior servicing in Dubai.

To maintain the highest quality and customer service standards, we adhere to a strict set of professional guidelines. With the right tools, we accomplish any task, no matter how complex it is.

We specialize in providing comprehensive vehicle restoration services in the United Arab Emirates. You will be connected to the closest service shop based on your needs by our support team.

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